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Button Fireplace

Do you collect Buttons and then never know how to display them? Then this ingenious little wall hanging is just what you need.

I have an open fireplace that is very seldom use, and instead of looking at a black hole in my living room I decorate it to suit the seasons. In the Spring I fill it with flowers and gum nuts and all sorts of pretty things from the garden, in the summer I put sea shells and boats in it and in the Autumn it will have autumn leaves, pine cones and pumpkins. Of course there is also the Christmas theme which is different every year.  The idea of this quilt came to me when I was changing the theme in the real fire place, just after I had picked up all my buttons off the floor because I had dropped my "specials" box.

So now you too can display your buttons to suit the seasons on your very own Fireplace wall hanging.

I have tacked the buttons on with Crochet cotton. It is strong enough to hold the buttons on with one stand and is thin enough not to leave holes in the quilt when you remove it.

Finished Size: 48 x 54cm (19" 21")


Pattern $15

Kit $20

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