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Last Thursday during a class, my sewing machine died. Yes she stopped, no lights, no electronic panel - I think she had a heart attack. Anyway its at the sewing machine doctor and hopefully he can fix her.

She is a Janome Memory Craft 5700 and I think she is about 10 years old. She has sewn about 50 quilts (plus heaps of children's clothes) and has never let me down. (Until now - maybe I worked her too hard).

I have another Janome, a very basic one. My mum and dad gave it to me for my 21st birthday, it is the model before they called the machine the "My Style". It a good machine, but it feels a bit to much like Miss 5700 (who I am still mourning) so I'm not enjoying sewing with it.

I got my Aunty Dede's 52 year old Singer 99k sewing machine out, and I'm having a wonderful nostalgic time sewing. Its so different! Sewing with this machine is like meditating. It's smooth, its quiet, its simple, it's like driving a DB3 (sorry I'm a petrol head that is an Aston Martin model)




For those of you who read our Blog about our trip to England, (Click here if you want to read it) we thought we should let you know that Scout Bear finally agreed to have a bath. Well not exactly a bath, but a ride in the washing machine and then in the dryer. We told him it was his version of Luna Park.

"Oh well! They've convinced me, but they'd better bring my clothes back" "It's a bit scary but Matt says fair park rides are fun, so here goes!" "Ouch! B!@#$, Stupid towel stop smacking me. IT HURTS - LET ME OUT!! I'M GOING TO DROWN!!!!!!!" "At least I got my clothes back, but never again Kim. Just hug me so I can get over that horrible experience. "


Py, Ted's eldest boy has just got his car licence, and he turned up the other day to pick up Matt and drive to Frankston.

Ted was really good, she didn't do the typical "Mum" thing and give advice, she didn't tell him to take care, she didn't tell him not to tailgate or speed - but from the look on her face you knew she wanted to say all those things and more.

Py was very sympathetic and said "Mum, its ok. It's no worse than when you put Matt and I on the plane to Adelaide by ourselves when I was 15 and he was 12"

Ted's answer: "Yes it is! You weren't the pilot."

They made it safely, and Ted is so proud of her biggest boy.


Ted - "Kim I'm trying to work"

Kim - "But mum there is all this warm air coming out of the side of your computer."

Ted - "Kim you are lying on all my paperwork"

Kim - "But mum its comfy."

Ted - "Kim this is a workplace not a sleep place"

Kim - "But mum, I'm really tired after sleeping on the heater all day. That's really hard work"

Ted gave up and left Kim to work on the website while she sorted fabric.



Kim was looking for the fish but she found this lovely flower in our pond in the garden. Its a water poppy. We have water lilies and water irises too, but this is the first one that has flowered.


Kim: "Its gorgeous, its soft, its wonderful and the colours suit me too. Thanks mum I'll treasure it.

Ted: "No Kim its not for you, its Yetti's 50th Birthday present."

Kim: "WHAT! It's NOT for me. Now I'm just going to sit here until
        you change your mind."

Ted: "Kim get off I have to wrap it."

                                                                    Kim: "How did you get it all so wrong. Don't you know that all  
                                                                            quilts made in this shop are for me."

HEY MUM I THINK ITS A PUNK CAT - 16/10/08 - by Kim

I wanted to go out into the garden - I'm addicted to the herbs, especially the Rosemary and, of course, the Cat Grass. So I was looking through the door in the class room and this weird cat thing was looking back at me. Mum tells me it is an echidna, but what is an echidna doing at a Shops Backdoor?  Is it trying to get in? Maybe it thinks it a pin cushion. Irony for you, I want out and it wants in.

Eventually it left and walked back down the lane, across the vacant block of land, over 2 roads and we last saw it was in the garden of the Old Hospital that is now a B & B.

I think it wanted the herbs before I got them, but Dad said it was after the ants - Yuck! Who'd want to eat ants?


Hi its my turn to write the blogg this week and as Ted wants to publish the website soon she is making me write it while its "Bus Time". I love bus time, I get to people watch, and I get played with through the window and then my big brother Matt arrives home and spoils me.

So what is "Bus Time" you might ask. Well as a cat who cannot read a clock I have to tell the time in other ways. So there is "Tony goes to work Time" and "Ted gets up Time" and all sorts of other "Times". "Bus Time" is my second best time of the day ("Dinner Time" is the best of course - Especially "Human Food Dinner Time").

Our shop is in the main street and all the school buses stop near our door. So all the kids walk past, and the parents park out the front, and I have friends on all 5 buses that pass though town everyday.

Well there is no more time to talk, the little blue car that is like a sardine can, has just parked and the bus taking the little kids out of town has just gone past, so its the highlight of "Bus Time" - gotta go, luv from Kim


Congratulations Helen - its fabulous!

Helen who is fairly new to Patchwork joined our Midnight Madness that we ran last year. She has now made her 2nd quilt from the pattern used that night, and she has done a wonderful job.



HAPPIER NEWS - 15/8/08 (By Ted)

Hi Everyone, Thank you to all of you who sent kind wishes to Mo. I have some good news. She is not out of the woods yet, but it is very very positive that she will be ok. We will know more in a couple of months time when they do another biopsy. She is back at school and will be going for a holiday to Adelaide in the next few weeks. She went on an overnight hike with the Scouts a couple of weekends ago and coped well with the walk (although my Son Matt carried her pack for her)

SAD NEWS - 24/7/08 (By Ted)

Before Tony and I moved into our shop we lived with our very best friend for 7 weeks. Nanny (as we call her) is one of the most generous and wonderful people in the world, and she has 3 wonderful kids that we love like they are our own. "Mo" (yes that is her nickname) who is 11 moved out of her bedroom so we could have it.

A few weeks ago Mo was diagnosed with some type of bone cancer. We are still waiting for the results and what treatment they are going to give, but while she was having a biopsy I decided to put my energy into making her a quilt rather than stressing about what she was going through. (I still stressed but I was productive too)

I had just taken delivery of some cat fabric and she loves all animals especially cats, so I designed something simple with some plain calico blocks so her friends, rellies, doctors and nurses could sign it. I made it in a day, and it was delivered to hospital for her to cuddle up in.

I didn't make it with enough calico though, it is already full. So maybe I'll have to make her another one. I've got some awesome penguin fabric maybe I can make her a penguin quilt too. At this rate she will have more quilts than my 2 sons put together.

Oh and by the way, Mo is Smuffle's Mum and Smuffles and Kim have look a-likes on the fabric.



I went searching the web to see if the artist who made Kimmy's revenge had made any more and found this on You Tube.




Our kitchen is tiny and the bench tops have been fitted from a second hand kitchen from some where; so there is not much bench space, and as we often have heaps of mouths to feed we bought an Ikea kitchen table that folds down when not needed, to help with the bench space problem.

However, because it is just inside the kitchen door it is the place where we dump everything. Keys, wallets, diaries, shopping lists, the mail and everything else that doesn't have a real home.

So I made this Wall Hanging with pockets and now we have a place to stow away the junk.

It is adapted from one of last years Thimbleberries Club Quilts (Star Shine Square) that I adore but found was too big to put anywhere so I never got around to making it.

I made the centre block the same but didn't put the star points around it. The checkers are based on 1" squares instead of 2" and I used the pretty inner top and bottom border fabic as the entire outer border. I love it and it is so useful. I still have the Star Shine Square patterns available if you wish to purchase one. They are $5 each.




I can walk to the shops and the bank, and couriers deliver my fabric and habby stuff, but when I cannot access the internet and my computer decides to die, that is when I begin to realize that I am a girl of the modern age.

No Emails; No Bank on-line; No forums; No Ebay; No Google!!!! And not being able to answer your emails, fill orders or update my website makes life extra hard.

When I realized something was wrong with "Olley II" (Yes my computer had a name - and it might be getting a funeral really soon too.) I backed up to an external hard drive, so I have my patterns and I have my website but I don't have my email addresses, emails or music. So if you don't get an email newsletter this month or next month please email me your email address so I can put you back on my list.

THANK YOU TONY! Tony has been very generous and lent me his computer, so until I get Olley III (or save Olley II from a terminal illness) I will be relying on Tony's computer to communicate with you all.

Please I ask again, If I don't send you an email newsletter by the end of the week PLEASE email me your address. Luv Ted. harmonyquilts@bigpond.com



Remember the Christmas Tree Killer - Well he's back!!!

Smuffles has moved back in for a while, because his family is moving house. He is now as big as Kim, and looks like a bleached version of her.


HELPING IN THE OFFICE - (Kimar 7/5/08)

How the newsletter gets posted

I'm helping Ted!                        Ted! Did you put stamps on        OFFICIAL APOLOGY: If your newsletter
I'm a really BIG help!!!!!!!!    all of these. I think you missed one    has teeth marks in it it is because it
                                                                                                 tasted really good. Sorry! Luv Kim.


Hi everyone, I am now 2. Toddler in human terms but teenager in CAT terms. Luckily for my humans they spoilt me. Pink Salmon birthday cake, big long sleep on dad's work jumper and big hugs from my brothers.

                                                            I had a good birthday!

Thank you for all my hugs
especially from Teagan who saved
me from getting run over!

Love from Kim! Prrrrrrrrrrrrr






I know it was Kim's turn this week and she will be really cross with me when this becomes "live" on the website and she doesn't have the top of the page, but I just had to share a secret with you.

I've discovered a way to get UFO's finished. I promised Tony a quilt and he picked the fabric and I was going to sew it at the Mystery Midnight Madness we had last year, but I only got one block done and the rest was all cut out but forgotten at the bottom of the basket of UFO's. Every time Tony asked about it I said "I'll get around to it."

So Tony got fed up with me and has finished it. It is gorgeous and I am very proud of him and he's even going to learn how to use Sweetie's quilting machine and quilt it himself.

Oh and by the way he is so proud of his quilt that if you tell him you have seen it on the blogg and ask to see it when you come into the shop he will give you a free fat quarter.


HI FROM KIM (19/3/08)


It is my turn to write the blogg for the week, and as I was very naughty last week (or so mum tells me), I thought I should tell you about my love of buttons. Mum has this little quilt on the wall in our shop where she displays her favorite buttons. It sort of looks like a fireplace and she sews buttons on to suit a theme, like Christmas, Autumn, Summer or whatever takes her fancy. Once it had cats on it - glad she didn't think of sewing me on too.

Anyway she decided that the buttons needed changing and she was sewing on some autumn buttons and I just had to help. I really liked the ones that looked like Cherries and the sunflower one was really bright and when I batted it across the floor it went really fast; but then I decided the quilt was rather soft and comfy and I was tired after chasing buttons, so I went to sleep. Mum decided that as I was such a pain she would do something else and come back when I'd decided to move. I'm glad she had a pin cushion because she was pretty mad with me and those needles look pretty sharp.

She did finish the quilt and it is back on the wall - which is a real shame because I loved lying on it.

Oooh! by the way click here to see Kimmy's revenge



I saw the fabric and fell in love with the quilt, but when I got the promotional advertising I hated it. Orange and Brown. Not for me. So when the kit arrived to make the quilt and I fell in love with it all over again, I set out to make it quick so people would love it as much as I do.

2 days to make the blocks, 1 day to put it all together and another grueling day to machine quilt it on my girlfriends long arm machine. Thank you Sweetie for making me coffee and feeding me while I sewed more butterflies on to this beautiful quilt. Thank you also Tony for finishing work and coming to Sweetie's to help. It is so much easier to put butterflies in the right places when you have someone who understands where they should go and how to place them there. If you've seen the ads and think its yuck, please come into the shop and have a look, because it is one of the most wonderful quilts I have ever made.


When I make patterns and kits I have to have really good square and sharp photos. Sometimes I get lucky and can just hang a quilt on the washing line and take a photo, but sometimes its windy, raining or both. So then I get my two mad mates (yes the one on the left is Tony) to hold the quilt against the fence. So if you buy a pattern/kit from me and the photo has fingers on the corners you now understand the bigger picture. Oh by the way if you are wondering the one on the right is my best friend Nicole (we call her Nanny, because she dresses like Nanny Fine). She is gorgeous and generous and loving and if I could choose my family she'd be my twin sister.



I belong to a Craft Magazine forum and we post threads about our day, important stuff to us, we swap information and we sometimes swap gifts. I received these 8 Caring Hearts from my buddies on the forum when they knew I'd been through hard times. I thought everyone might like so see what I did with them. The wall hanging is now hanging in my teaching room, so if you ever do a class at Harmony you will be able to stare at it when you need inspiration.



Hi everyone, Kimar wants you to meet her new friend. His name is Smuffles and he owns a 10 year old little girl called Emma. Smuffles has been staying with us over the Christmas break because his little girl and her mum and family have been away. Smuffles is 3 months old and very independent, he thinks he's grown up, but Kimar thinks differently, hence they have had lots of battles over all sorts of things, from Christmas bells to who can sit on "that" chair. Kimar is rather proud of her little mate though, because he killed the Christmas tree. Yep! Gone in one foal swoop, all Smuffles wanted was the little gold burble at the bottom, but he pulled the whole tree over and "Ooops! No more Christmas Tree.


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