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Patricia (Ted) David is an accredited Patchwork Teacher with the Victorian Patchwork Guild. "I made my first quilt when I was 10 as a math's project for school, but my addiction to the craft really began when I helped make a raffle quilt for my sons' playgroup. I started my working career as a Printer and Graphic Artist and have always dabbled in different crafts, but I find Patchwork and Quilting is the one area I can really indulge my love of colour, textiles and patterns."

15 years on, Ted has made over 100 quilts and designed over 30 patterns. The majority of Ted's patterns are designed to be rotary cut and quickly machine pieced. "I am an impatient person and I find that once I have designed a quilt I want to make it quickly and easily so I can feel my creation in reality."


Tony is a Postie. He starts work at 5.30 in the morning and knocks off when the post is all delivered. When he gets home (Yes! We live above the shop) he cuts fat quarters, presses blocks and admires the new stock. Tony has a passion for colour and is able to help anyone who cannot decide on the perfect border, choose a complimentary fabric or just put a combination of fabrics together for a project.

Although he is new to patchwork, Tony has taken to the art of quilt making like a duck to water. When you attend a class, workshop or retreat, Tony will be there to cut fabric, press your blocks and make you a cuppa.


Matt is our 15 year old son. When Tony and Ted can't look after the shop, Matt is very willing to earn some money. He is also very good at counting the change and cutting the fabric. He is also pretty good with colour and matching fabrics. He made his first quilt when he was 10 and with 3 quilts under his belt now, he knows quite a lot about the family craft and shop.

The photo of him here is our most recent, and no we haven't locked him up. He is on a ride at Luna Park.



Usually found in the window, this little pussy cat thinks she owns the shop, and although she is not allowed, you will occasionally find her asleep in a fat quarter basket. Kim's mum was a Manx cat and Kim's dad was a ginger tom. Hence we have a cat that forgets she's got a tail, is hypoallergenic, has adorable ginger stripes and loves a cuddle.

Kim's aim in life is to "get outside". So when you visit please shut the door, the nasty cars don't tend to stop for little felines.

We are in the process of making her a garden, but until we do she had to be content with going outside on a lead. Its more of a drag than a walk, but its very funny to watch.

If you are not a cat person let us know and we will put her to bed, but on the other hand if you are a cat lover and she is not in the shop ask for a pat. Where ever she is and what ever she is doing, to Kimar pats come first!


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